This mod allows you to play the 2 player missions that were in the PS2 version of San Andreas. They were taken out of the PC version because directX couldn’t support the format. I have done some work on it so that it you can now play the missions. WARNING+ THIS IS A BETA VERSION. THIS MOD IS IN TESTING AT THE MOMENT+ IT MAY BUG OR NOT WORK. I TAKE NO RESPONABILITY FOR PROBLEM CAUSED BY THIS MOD. +核弊+ How’s it work +尘握+ This mod will only work for you if you have 1 or 2 USB controllers for your PC+Laptop. DirectX couldn’t support the format because the 2 Player Missions were going to be played with a keyboard. This of course would no work. Because Rockstars Multiplayer format is not able to work for keyboards. But if you use USB controllers (and San Andreas Advanced Control v1.2) you can play the missions. This is because the controllers are supported. A bit of work and you are able to play the 2 Player Missions. +改兄族+ Install + Replace the data+script folder in your San Andreas directory with the script folder included with this mod. You then need the San Andreas Advanced Control v1.2 (Included with this mod. Plug-in you controller+s and open the San Andreas Advanced Control v1.2 executable. Then press the drop down box in the right-top-hand corner. This is where you controller you have pluged-in with appear. Click on it and then go through the list and change the buttons for playing the game. You then need to leave the Advanced Control open when you play the game. When in the game follow the Yellow Destination Marker to get to one of the 2 Player Mission. All of them are unlocked but I was only able to add one marker into the game. Enjoy+ + Known Problems + I have found that for some reason the 2 Player Icons don’t show-up in-game. When finding how to get into the missions just walk around the area were the icon is missing for a bit and it will start up. I will fix this in future releases. + Contact + WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THIS MOD+ HAVING PROBLEMS WITH INSTALLING+ OR PROBLEMS DURING GAMEPLAY+ e-MAIL me at Feel happy to e-mail me about anything to do with this mod. _ Copyright (c) 2005 jarjar Do not reproduce or remod this mod with out consent. 追问: 说人话 回答: 以下是经过整理的比较好点的人物MOD 本贴所有MOD都为方便大家提供。 本贴由 幻想H + godcctn 联合收集, 你好!



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